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Sep 4

Lloyd Cooper –

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Watford-based Motorcycles Direct were looking to totally overhaul their exisitng website to bring it up to date, both cosmetically and the way it was built as they were looking to push their company and brand online.
Following Blue Ink’s success of Hein Gericke’s campaign during 2009 they were looking for something similar to push their [...]

Jan 17 + makes WebDesignerMag! The ultimate in creative design recognition! Ying Ying!

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Ola Guys and Dolls!
If you didn’t know by now…. {partly because I haven’t stop telling the world and his wife about this!} has again has been featured in the creative industrys most recognised magazine Webdesignermag. I cannot begin to explain how exciting this is for me! There was also heads up for Rowan and [...]

Dec 19 & Mr P in webdesignermag!

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Hey Guys and Dolls!
I was flicking through the latest edition of webdesignermag to see my ugly mug had made page 22! It was a nice surprise as my online only 5 questions with had been picked out as a feature of the magazine too! I was equally happy to see they also featured the [...]

Nov 18 answers five questions for

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Hey guys and dolls!
I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to answer five questions for on November 16. For any creative designer it’s a real honour to be featured on such an established website. Yeeeha! =) I found it highly amusing that my front page article was side by side with [...]