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Sep 4

‘Forecast of Fun’ by Kitschen Sink

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Ever-creative Rowan Grant asked me to take the creative lead on her latest venture ‘Forecast of Fun’. Her new weather related range consisted of funky iconic retro clouds cut out of perspex to create vibrant chunky jewellery.
Following her success with the Kitschen Sink brand, I felt it was only natural to keep this theme consistant [...]

Jun 1 gets hardcore! :o)

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Hey Guys and Dolls!
To say of late I have been tres busy is a total understatement… seriously.. A lot has happened since I last blogged which has taken a lot of my time up…. good and bad, but I am here to tell you a bit of the tale… and especially are going [...]

Feb 20 & take one hell of a creative beating! Originality will always be King!

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Hey Guys and Dolls!
I know its been a while since I properly blogged… a few reasons really.. I wanted to keep the post regarding my article in WebDesignerMag very much fresh in everyones mind… besides I didn’t have anything more hardcore newsworthy…….’til now!
Rowan @ are always in close contact through facebook mainly as [...]

Jan 17 + makes WebDesignerMag! The ultimate in creative design recognition! Ying Ying!

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Ola Guys and Dolls!
If you didn’t know by now…. {partly because I haven’t stop telling the world and his wife about this!} has again has been featured in the creative industrys most recognised magazine Webdesignermag. I cannot begin to explain how exciting this is for me! There was also heads up for Rowan and [...]