Jun 1

KitschenSink.com gets hardcore! :o)

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Hey Guys and Dolls!

To say of late I have been tres busy is a total understatement… seriously.. A lot has happened since I last blogged which has taken a lot of my time up…. good and bad, but I am here to tell you a bit of the tale… kidd81.com and especially fun-packed.com are going from strength to strength… I was recently featured on ‘oftheday’ which was a nice little ‘hug’ to find this one out and especially what they had to say about me! :o )

Rowan at KitschenSink has also been making moves up the ladder to world domination… read on She managed to get her fab products sold in Supermarket Sarah’s concession which can be found in a little big superstore in London called Selfridges {I dunno if you have heard of it ;o) } Anyway this is humongous news for Rowan and myself as I know how much work has gone in to making her brand as fab as possible! Good ‘un Rowan! :o D She was also front page of her local rag If you haven’t already, you can join here facebook page!

Bye for now!

Mr P :o )

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  1. frances on June 1st, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    congratulations, your talents deserve good praise x

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