Oct 14

Cool stuff! Don’t you just love the iPhone?

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Here I am contemplating when to next update my blog… I had a tinker with the wordpress app on the iPhone and found I can blog layed on my bed! How cool is that??? Or am I just being a lazy bones??? Anyway I will continue with the post I have been meaning to make! Lol

Please do excuse me if there are some random typos, I still haven’t got used to typing on the iPhone…

People have asked me why have chosen to do a brown website, but the simple answer is why not? I get tired of seeing template style sites – some are designed impressive well and built to a high spec, but some just don’t get me excited… Hence trying something new and that includes a bizarre colourway. I can probably understand it’s not to everyones taste and I respect that, I just wanted to try something different, and I hope I have achieved that.

I have had an impressive response so far to my site… I am looking forward to seeing what others think in time.

My kidd81 hoody… ( see www.fun-packed.com ) got despatched yesterday so I am excited to see what it looks like when it arrives. I will upload a pic as soon as I get it! Cite cites! :o D

Be a Geek!, being cool is so overrated!

Mr P =)

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