Oct 21

‘Dying Breed’ was a real treat and I survived the vampires at Whitby!

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Saturday night proved to be a real success for everyone involved! It was super duper to catch up with Ros again and finally get to meet her other half Rod Morris.

Visiting Whitby is always nice… a real gem of the East Coast of England so I jumped at the chance of meeting up with my two Aussie friends to see the screening of Rod’s film ‘Dying Breed‘ – pardon me for calling it ‘The Dying Breed’ in my last posts – it was all new to me! ;o)

A full tank of petrol and my partner in crime, Tom, we had then had a mad dash to the Whitby Pavillion to meet Ros and Rod… It would be very biased of me to say the film was ’superb’ but I was far from disappointed! Based loosely two of Tasmanias biggest historical exports.. Alexander Pearce and the native Tasmanian Thylacine – the film is very well thought out and researched. I wouldn’t say it was the most gory films ever but it had a nice sprinkling of stomach turning moments! One instance of the film certainly has a ‘whooah’ factor – you will know which bit I mean! Definately a must see film!

Considering this film was laced with horrific plots – co-writer Rod is cool intruiging guy and should be very proud of his work! I will look forward to seeing his next venture real soon!

Here is a picture of the day after in the Moon and Sixpence, Whitby where Rod kindly bought us our breakfast!

9.45am, not 7.15 Rod!

9.45am, not 7.15 Rod!

Thanks for a great weekend!

Mr P =)

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