Nov 15 still needs your support! here’s how to do it! :o)

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We are at the halfway stage of the UniqueCSS competition and I am well happy =) with the support people have given me so far! I think it’s a real acheivement to be recognised this way and be lined up against some quality websites. I am one for self-promotion if you hadn’t already noticed ;o) especially on my Facebook fan page so I thought I would encourage a few more voted on here! To be honest it takes TWO clicks. I have also had people how to do it so you have no excuses now! hehe

1. visit

2. Click what ’star’ you believe I am worth of ;o) *cough* FIVE! (as demonstrated in this pic)

Vote For! :oD

Vote For! :o D

Simples! I look forward to seeing more voters.. currently on 116 unique votes… wowzers!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

Mr P =)

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