Dec 18


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Merry Christmas Guys and Dolls!

Before I introduce my next creative (ehem, masterpiece) for my shop I just want to thank everyone who has shown support for me over the last few months…. to say it’s been immense is a bit of an understatement! I just hope next year is as fun-packed as this year has been… I have a few exciting announcements in the next few months so keep a look out! ;o)

Be careful not to have too many sherries over the holiday period!…….


ngover Hoody by

ngover Hoody by

Hangovers are the worst! Why not give yourself a little ‘hug’ and buy a limited release hangover hoody to make yourself feel better? Afterall there is no better hangover cure than snuggling up on the sofa having ‘ten minutes’ watching Back to the Future in your pjs and hoody! If this weekend’s Xmas Piss up is anything to go by… I am sure I am going to need this hoody for Sunday! haha!

If this doesn’t tickle your fancy then have a goose at the rest of my creations on

I wish you all a Merry Fun-Packed Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am so cite cites!!!! Yee-ha! :o )

Mr P x

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