Jan 10

kidd81.com is sexy – FACT! ;o)

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Hey Guys and Dolls!

I am not too sure what your feelings are towards the weather but to be honest I am a bit sick with the snow! As I look out the kitchen window… it’s neither ‘blowing a hooligan’ with so much snow I would bury us all in our homes for at least a week… nor is it showing signs of fully melting so at least I can make an attempt at starting my fitness regime. It is a half snow/half ice mess which looks to be hanging around for another week…. While I gently step off my Soap Box I thought I would post a new article as two particular ‘kidd81.com’ alerts caught my eye!

While I do follow up all my Google Alerts… ( it’s truly amazing to see where my site pops up from Twitter to Facebook and CSS galleries and as far and wide as New Zealand and USA.) I was proud to be featured in Smashing magazines ‘69 Sexy Portfolio Designs To Inspire You’ For anyone who is a web geek like me being referenced by these guys is a real mean feat! And thank you! :D

kidd81@ smashing magazine

Another alert which come through the other day was from Brainstorming Magazines ‘33 Sexy Portfolio Designs To Inspire You’ This online ‘page turner gaget’ magazine is a real must read for anyone in the industry. It has interviews with top designers and pulls together a wide range of creative work to inspire others.. and it’s ALL FREE! Again, it’s a real honour to be ranked along designers of this calibre! So thank you too! :D

kidd81@ brainstorming magazine

If you didn’t know by now… kidd81.com does regard his style as fun-packed… I am not 100% sure on the ’sexiness’ of my site… but if both Smashing Magazine and Brainstorming magazine are saying so… who am I to argue with?….

More fun-packed stuff coming up soon!! Yeeee-ha!

Bye for now!

Mr P :D

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